Desktop blower lock screw machine

Desktop blower lock screw machine

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Six factors affecting the service life of automatic screw machines

1. Whether the screws are mixed with impurities;

The screws purchased by manufacturers from screw factories need to ensure the quality standards of the screws, such as whether the screws are mixed with other types of screws, and the screw sizes will be different depending on the screw types. Generally speaking, the screw machine is targeted before use The screws have been adjusted. If other types of screws are mixed, it may appear jamming and other phenomena;

2. the quality of the screw;

The quality of the screw has a great impact on the screw machine, such as uneven screw quality, burrs, flat heads, defects and other abnormalities will affect the normal operation of the screw machine;

3. The screw delivery tube is not bent;

The screw conveying tube is the foundation to ensure the normal operation of the entire screw conveying system. Therefore, the conveying tube cannot be bent. After the bend, the screw cannot enter the electric screw nozzle properly and the operation cannot be completed.

4. Air pressure setting;

The air pressure setting of the screw machine cannot be too large. If it is too large, the screw impact force will be too large, and it will simply accelerate the wear of the screwdriver.