Double head double station lock screw machine

Double head double station lock screw machine

Product Details

product description:

1. The device is equipped with intelligent detection function, which can detect abnormal conditions such as missing locks and slip locks, and significantly improve the production yield.

2. It has high flexibility and versatility. It is equipped with special fixtures as standard, and the lock screw point can be set by software. It is suitable for screw attachment of various models.

3. Wide application, just need to replace the screw conveying module to adapt to various types of screw lock attachments, such as specifications M1.—M6.

4. Dual Y-axis design and dual-station alternate operation. One machine can be more efficient than two people. Products with more locking screws can operate two or more equipments by one person, reducing manpower input, effectively reducing production costs, and effectively Control the defective rate of product lock screws and effectively improve production efficiency.

5. The X, Y, and Z axes all use original stepper motors + precision linear slide rail drives. The mechanism is designed to automatically compensate for errors, effectively ensuring the machine's accurate positioning and stable operation.

6. The equipment torque is accurate and can be adjusted appropriately according to the different products produced. Compared with the traditional locking screw method, the quality of the screw lock can be effectively guaranteed.

7, selected automatic feeder, automatic feeding, lack of material alarm, automatic material selection functions, stable performance.


1.Simple operation and convenient debugging

Humanized and graphic design, simple operation and easy to use, effectively improve the tuning efficiency and reduce training costs.

2. Product stability

Professional hardware design, multi-redundant software system, strict aging and testing before leaving the factory, ensure that the product can still maintain its consistent stable state in harsh environments.

3. Superior motion control performance

Adopting the motion planning algorithm with speed foresight to ensure the high precision while ensuring the smoothness of the motion.

4.USB import / export configuration file

When new product production can be realized, the overall setting of the system can be completed by importing a configuration file.

The main technical parameters:

Drive method: 4-axis precision stepping drive

Positioning accuracy: ± 0.02mm

Motion guide: imported slide

Control system: PLC + touch screen control system

Screw conveying method: suction

Programming: Teaching

Lock payment efficiency: less than 1.5S / piece

Program storage capacity: 100 groups of programs, each group is about 300 points

Communication port: USB