Double station automatic lock screw machine

Double station automatic lock screw machine

Product Details

Performance characteristics:

It is mainly composed of screw automatic conveying system, X, Y, Z mobile platform, control system and lock payment system;

The applicability is strong, only the fixture needs to be replaced when replacing the product, the equipment program is saved separately, and the corresponding program can be called up;

Dual-platform design, unloading products and lock screws are performed synchronously without waiting; good stability, no material jam, even if the material is jammed due to bad, non-professionals can

Resolve jamming in seconds; high efficiency, generally one screw per second or so, no need to grab the screws, just put

The product can be operated by placing the product on the fixture; one device can replace 2-3 workers' screw-locking operations to achieve fully automated production.

Production, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve productivity; teach programming method, simple and quick to get started.

Automatic lock screw machine parameters:

Drive method: Synchronous belt precision step drive

Positioning accuracy: ± 0.02MM

Control system: handheld box + constant control system

Screw conveying method: air suction / blowing (optional)

Screw conveying speed: 60 tablets / minute

Electric batch model: Good helper / Hios

Applicable screw diameter: M1.0-M6.0MM

Applicable screw length: 5-16MM

Suitable for screw type: square slot / inner triangle / narrow cross / meter slot

Hexagon socket / wide cross / plum head with needle / plum head / slot

Hexagonal recess / Eleven slot / H slot