Multi-head screw machine

Multi-head screw machine

Product Details

Technical specifications:

1.Equipment efficiency: The entire tin removal control is completed at about 15S

2.Technical parameters: the temperature of the air gun can be controlled, and the industrial computer and the CCD can be used for accurate secondary inspection;

3. Machine composition: a wind gun, a set of CCD detection mechanism, two air blowing mechanisms, a chip recovery mechanism, tin slag recovery mechanism. -One

4.Pneumatic components: Yade passenger pneumatic components are used;

5. Equipment size: according to the customer's decent contract, (600mm long * 600mm wide 1600mm high)

6. Equipment power: voltage; 220V800W, required air pressure, 0.5≤P≤1? Mpa;

Daily maintenance and maintenance of desktop lock screw machine :

1. Regularly clean the screw silo to ensure that the silo is clean. It is recommended to start the machine when there are no screws in the silo and blow out the dust and residue in the silo and the side of the nail lifter with high pressure gas, and clean it once a day.

2. Regularly clean the screw track to ensure that the screw runs smoothly in the track.

3. Regularly clean the nail feeding system to ensure that the nail feeding system runs smoothly. It is recommended to blow with a high-pressure gun once a week and add an appropriate amount of grease to the moving part.

4. Regularly clean the outer surface of the case.

5. Please turn off the power every day after work and when not in use.