In-line soldering machine

In-line soldering machine

Product Details

Product model: HQ-ZX531R

Specifications: 1000 * 800 * 1600

Product weight: 150KG

Product map: top of form

Features such as stable quality, improved labor conditions, and increased labor productivity are widely used in industries such as automobiles, construction machinery, general machinery, metal structures, and the weapon industry.

Performance characteristics:

Realize any 3D non-planar trajectory path function; group editing and other functions Dispensing program files can be uploaded / downloaded via U disk, convenient for data management and user-friendly design, Chinese / English optional operation interface, easy programming, easy to learn glue The size, thickness, application speed, dispensing time, and stopping time can be set and modified.

Equipped with a professional-grade dispenser software control system, the glue output is stable, and the glue is clean without leaking.

Can replace manual specific dispensing operations, realize mechanized production and reduce costs.

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Production workshop: