Desktop 5331 soldering machine

Desktop 5331 soldering machine

Product Details

Product Features

1. The stepping drive and advanced motion control algorithm of the soldering robot can effectively improve the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the end of the movement. The whole machine is completely controlled by computer.

2. Through the 7-inch touch screen, direct digital input or teaching can be used to reproduce the welding position coordinates.

3. There are various soldering methods, and all process parameters can be set by the customer to adapt to various difficult soldering operations and micro-soldering processes.

4. Using this product can effectively improve the quality of soldering process and realize the automation and intelligence of the soldering process.

Product control

1. Easy-to-use human-machine interface.

2. Adopt a full touch display for 7-inch industrial robots with a resolution of 800X480.

3. Easy to operate and can teach programming directly.

4. Support matrix programming. After confirming a point, display it according to welding requirements, saving programming time. Follow the request to display to save programming time.

5. Supports communication between machines. U disk can be used to copy the program to other soldering machines for one-time programming and use by multiple machines.

6. Each recipe can set 199 points.

7. Can save 110 recipes, especially suitable for multi-machine operation.

Product performance

1. Excellent welding system.

2. Soldering parameters: Spot welding and drag welding are available. The temperature setting range is 0-450 ° C. Tin wire sending position: adjustable, with precise screw control.

3. Tin wire diameter: 0.5-1.5mm, soldering speed: spot welding 3mm / second, drag welding 8mm / second.

4. Special soldering iron, fast temperature return, good welding consistency.

5. Fully automatic tin feeding system, which can send tin in sections and return to tin according to the setting.

6. The tin wire and the tin feeding system are installed on the Z axis, and the tin is more smoothly used.


1. Wide working range and fast operation speed

2.X-axis movable range: X = 500mm

3.Y-axis movable range: Y = 300mm

4.Z axis movable range: Z = 100mm

5.R axis movable range: R = 180 °

6. Action speed

7.XY axis point to point: 5-500mm / ses

8.Z axis point to point: 2.5-250mm / ses

9.R axis point to point: 6-600 ° / ses

10 .. Repeatability up to 0.01mm

11 .. Stepping closed-loop motor is used to ensure accurate positioning.