Double-headed double-track automatic soldering machine

Double-headed double-track automatic soldering machine

Product Details

Product Name: Double-headed double-station-automatic soldering machine DH-HJ600ss

Product category: Automatic soldering machine series

Product model: DH-HJ600ss

Product description: Dinghua Technology's automatic soldering robot DH-HJ600ss, used to solder various electronic components, such as capacitors, resistors, headers, cables, RJ45, LED, remote control board and other perforated plug-ins.


1. Optical products: cameras, cameras, mobile phones, etc.

2. Electronic products: mechanical parts, printed motherboards, small switches, capacitors, variable resistors, oscillators, LCDs, magnetic heads, relays, connectors, engines, transformers, chip resistor components, chips, modules, etc.

3. General home appliances: DVD, audio equipment, car navigation system, television, game console, washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, etc.

4. Electrical products: fans, VTR, VCR, PAD, printer, copier, calculator, LCD TV. Medical equipment, etc.

5. General consumer goods: typewriters, toys. Musical instruments, CDs, batteries, electronic clocks, etc.

Product category: Automatic soldering machine series

main feature:

1. The X, Y, and Y axes realize the positioning of any point in the three-dimensional space.

2. The high-power heating core imported from Germany Wilo is used to achieve constant temperature welding, increase production capacity and improve welding quality.

3. It is safer, quicker and more convenient to enter the setting parameters. The machine replaces the manual with higher efficiency, automatic air pressure type cleaning iron,

4. The tin speed of a single solder joint is controlled by setting the tin speed and soldering time through the program. And the tin amount of each solder joint can be controlled independently to ensure the consistency of solder quality and soldering quality.