8-axis Double Splice Soldering Machine

8-axis Double Splice Soldering Machine

Product Details


DH-T333311R Double Splice Automatic Soldering Machine

Performance characteristics:

1.DH-333311R double splicing automatic soldering machine model is 1.8 times more efficient than single Y model. It includes BASIC interpreter, simple programming method, direct handle teaching, can directly input welding point coordinates, and can also teach. Solder joint position, can reproduce the coordinates of solder joint position.

2. It adopts multi-axis manipulator and advanced motion control algorithm to perform linkage to simulate the movement of tin by human hands, which effectively improves the positioning accuracy of the soldering iron head.

3. The program has built-in multi-dimensional soldering methods, which can be spot welding and drag welding. All process parameters can be set by the user, which can simulate various difficult and micro soldering processes of human hands.

4. With manual control out tin function.

Product Usage:

Features such as stable quality, improved labor conditions, and increased labor productivity are widely used in industries such as automobiles, construction machinery, general machinery, metal structures, and the weapon industry.

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