On-line visual dispenser

On-line visual dispenser

Product Details

On-line visual dispenser

This machine is designed according to the customer's assembly line operation. The machine can be placed directly on the assembly line, without manual loading and unloading, and real unattended care operations. Common applications are:

〇PCB electronic parts fixing and protection

〇 LCD glass organic sheet package adhesion

〇 Mobile phone motherboard coating

〇Quantitative liquid filling coating

〇Chip Bonding


Suitable for various fields of industrial production: mobile phone keys, switches, connectors, computers, digital products, electronic toys, speakers, buzzers, electronic components, circuit boards, LCD panels, relays, speakers, crystal components, LED lights , Case bonding, optical lens, mechanical parts sealing.

Applicable industry scope

Rubber label, zipper head, key fob, bookmark, key holder, U disk case, MP3 case, mobile phone lanyard, mobile phone charm,

Mobile phone holder, mobile phone wipe, wrist band, silicone bracelet, silicone necklace, PVC car mat, refrigerator sticker, mouse pad,

Coasters, glasses silicone covers, etc., suitable for clothing, shoes and hats, services, electronics, toys, gifts, home, etc ...