Desktop AB glue dispenser

Desktop AB glue dispenser

Product Details

First, the working principle

Desktop four-axis automatic dispenser is compact, rugged, and can be used with valves and syringes. It is suitable for the automation of any dispensing application, and is extremely suitable for applications where cost considerations and tight space are required. The industry software is used to guide the user's operation step by step through the teaching box, and complex dispensing operation programs can be written in minutes. This machine adopts a three-axis design and easy-to-operate program. It can make dots, draw lines, arcs, and other glue application actions. Use the teaching box to input. Users can learn with any of the dispensing equipment and accessories. Match to achieve precise and complete glue application. This table type four-axis automatic dispensing machine has a wide range of applications, such as: relay packaging, mobile phone button dispensing, mobile phone battery packaging, laptop battery packaging, coil dispensing, PCB board binding sealant, IC sealant, speaker Outer ring dispensing, PDA sealing, LCD sealing and other applications.

Glue range

Applicable glue range:

Desktop four-axis automatic dispensing machine is suitable for general common UV glue, silicon, EPOXY, red glue, silver glue, COB black glue, conductive glue, thermal aluminum paste, instant glue, solder paste, etc.

Third, the technical parameters