Hot Melt Dispensing Machine

Hot Melt Dispensing Machine

Product Details

First, equipment characteristics

1.It has the functions of drawing points, lines, arcs, circles, continuous or continuous input procedures for irregular curves and 3D dispensing;

2.Any point, line, surface, arc and other irregular curve continuous dispensing function;

3.High speed, low noise speed DC brushless motor makes dispensing better;

4, aluminum die-casting structure, solid, beautiful, temperature, high accuracy;

5.Automatic compensation function for dispensing strength makes operation more convenient;

6, Yudian thermostat, imported heating core, fast temperature rise, temperature deviation is less than 2 degrees;

7.Support three-axis space linear interpolation, three-axis space circular interpolation, and elliptical arc interpolation;

8.Single-chip computer control + handheld box programming, simple and practical, complete functions, efficient use;

9, special hot-melt glue head, even glue out, broken glue, no drawing;

10, XY area array, translation and rotation calculation function, reverse feed tray, suitable for different work positioning.

2.Can be connected to multiple dispensing heads

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