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Why the online automatic soldering machine deviates
- 2020-03-03-

With the rapid development of Chinese science and technology, the current production lines of domestic factories in China are gradually moving towards active production. As we all know, equipment can help our factory reduce human labor to a certain extent and improve our output power and product quality. There will be more or less shortcomings in the operation of these active devices. Let's take a look below:

1. Why does the online automatic soldering machine deviate:

The deviation of the online automatic soldering machine is because the pulses announced by the controller will be caused by the outbreak of the wire, driver, motor, timing belt, and assembly. Therefore, we also call it a lost step in the field of soldering machines. So when bosses face this problem, let's take a look at the answers from our company's professionals.

Second, the online automatic soldering machine deviation solution

1. Problems caused by motors ---- At present, the field of soldering machines is mainly desktop automatic soldering machines. However, the space of desktop soldering machines limits the size of the equipment, so most of the online automatic soldering machines The machine is equipped with an ordinary stepper motor instead of a servo motor, so the high torque of the stepper motor occurs when the online automatic soldering machine runs at high speed. In view of this situation, we recommend that customers choose the service of servo motors or imported stepper motors, which are cost-effective and help employers to complete greater industrial value.

2. Problems caused by the use of wires ---- According to our investigation, many manufacturers in the industry are pursuing low prices when they choose to use wires. However, poor line contact is prone to occur when the online automatic soldering machine operates for a long time The phenomenon of leading to the phenomenon of losing step. Our company ensures your normal operation for more than 5-10 years.

3. Problems caused by timing belts-The online automatic soldering machine will work according to the movement track we set during the operation, so during the frequent reciprocating and long-term operation, the timing belt will wear out to a certain extent. As a result, the situation of losing pace. Our company uses closed-loop timing belts, so the use time is longer than other peers.

4. The speed of the motor and the stroke of the rotating shaft are too fast, which will lead to lost steps. The rotating shaft designed by our company uses a reduction ratio of 1: 3 to ensure that it is not easy to lose steps at the same speed.

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