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Malfunctions and Solutions of Online Lock Screws
- 2020-03-02-

Problems and solutions of the online lock screw machine :

Question 1: After the parameter setting is completed, the manual debugging is performed. The motor does not rotate regardless of whether the motor is rotated in the forward or reverse direction.

Answer 1: First check whether the emergency stop button can be pressed. If the emergency stop is pressed, all axes cannot be moved. Then check whether all relevant parameters in the parameter settings have been set and set correctly. Such as the transmission ratio, pulse number in the factory setting, the zero return speed in the speed parameter setting, and the jog speed, high speed, medium speed, and low speed percentage in the teaching settings. After ensuring that all the above parameters have been set and still haven't dealt with the problem, manually rotate the shaft, assuming that the shaft cannot be rotated randomly and there is a reaction force indicating that the shaft has been stuck by the machine, check the mechanical part.

Question 2: The reset speed of each axis is abnormally slow when clicking reset. No matter how high the zero return speed is set in the zero return setting, the reset speed in practice is still very slow.

Answer 2: Please check whether the corresponding origin switch of each axis is a normally open PNP (default) sensor switch, that is, when the baffle is blocked on the sensing port, the output is low, and when it is not blocked, it is high.

Question 3: When the cylinder in-position sensor switch and the origin sensor switch both sense low-level output, the in-position signal in the input signal status interface on the controller does not appear to be in place.

Answer 3: When the inductive switch is inducted, take out the signal line of the inductive switch to the input port of the controller, and use a multimeter to measure the voltage value to ground. If the voltage value is not 0, there is a problem with the sensor output. At this time, you should look for The sensor itself is defective. If the measured voltage value is 0 and it is not 0 when there is no induction, look for the power ground signal of the inductive switch. If the power supply switching power supply of the inductive switch and the power supply switching power supply of the controller are not the same power supply, please use two power supplies. Ground connection.

Question 4: After the device is turned on, all accessories have no power.

Answer 4: Check the power supply socket for power, and then check whether the power cord is loose; check whether the fuse is burnt out, and replace it with a 6A fuse.

Question 5: Pressing the start button does not work

Answer 5: Enter the IO interface to see if there is mold sensor signal and start button signal input; whether the product can be picked up again and again;

Q6: What should I do if I can't get the screws?

Answer 6: The device can set the number of times to draw the screws. After the number of draws has not been obtained, the device will stop above the feeder. After removing the problem screw by hand, press the start button to take the screw again. If the screws cannot be taken frequently, please check whether the coordinates of the screws are correct, or whether the vacuum degree is sufficient, the air source is sufficient, and whether the screw removal time is set too short.

Question 7: The feeder is not working properly, sometimes there is no signal output or the screws do not come out.

Answer 7: Check whether the power supply of the feeder is normal; whether the position of the feed sensor of the feeder is offset or slag infarction, and readjust the position of the sensor to clear the scum of the sensor's sensing hole. If the screws do not come out, readjust the stopper and height limiter in the feeder, and readjust the vibration frequency of the feeder.

Q8: What should I do if the device lights up red after the screw is turned on?

Answer 8: When the device is screwing, the device will alarm red when the product screw hole is threaded. After the alarm, the device will stop working above the screw. If there is a screw in the screw hole, press the "Next" button to continue the next device. Screw; if there is no screw in the screw hole (fly away the screw), press the "start / replay" button to retake the screw and continue to hit this screw.

Q9: What should I do if the screw cannot be hit half way?

Answer 9: There are two kinds of common situations: 1. After the screw fails to reach the end, if the screw head slips, the device will generate a wire alarm, and the device lights up red. 2. The screw cannot be driven to the end, and the device will work normally without an alarm after the torque signal of the electric batch arrives. (The quality of the screw is determined by whether the torque signal of the electric batch can be reached.) Into the pipeline.

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