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Do you know the product advantages of desktop soldering machines?
- 2020-02-21-

The desktop soldering machine has many functions. The four-axis / five-axis linkage robots of the desktop soldering machine all use servo drive and advanced motion control algorithms to effectively improve the positioning accuracy and repetitive accuracy of the moving end (soldering iron head) to complete the 3D space intention Precise positioning of solder joints. The reason why the desktop soldering machine shows that the solder is too full is directly related to the welding head, the welding process, and the temperature of the welding head. It is very important to choose the welding head when welding the product. The size of the welding head is related to the welding effect of the welding point.

The welding process is determined based on the position of the solder joint and the size of the solder joint. The soldering machine can do spot soldering, and the soldering time and amount of solder at each spot can be controlled. The temperature of the welding head is directly related to the lead content of the tin wire. The temperature of the lead-containing tin wire is 270-380 degrees, and the temperature of the lead-free tin wire is about 380-450 degrees. As long as the temperature is controlled, the effect of tin wire is great.

The desktop soldering machine adopts embedded industrial computer control, operating system, supports online programming and offline programming, can work on multiple computers, can be connected to a PC remotely, supports SPC (statistical process control), and records consumer information and operations in detail. Log, can support up to 8G storage capacity, can choose single point / single / cycle soldering operation.

In addition, it also has a simple and convenient programming method, which can directly input the welding point coordinates, complete online / offline programming, and can teach and reproduce the welding point position coordinates. Easy to teach programming operation. Simply operate the teaching box to guide the moving end (iron tip) to the desired solder joint position in the 3D space. There is no special technical and professional request for the operator to complete the editing operation. The soldering robot has a variety of sensitive soldering methods and supports spot welding and drag welding (pulling welding). All process parameters can be set by the customer to comply with various difficult operations and micro-soldering processes. All soldering parameters can be accompanied by the welding point coordinate program. Read and store, and complete the flexibility of soldering operations.

The soldering iron components of the desktop soldering machine can be adjusted at random angles and directions. The R axis of the soldering iron group can be controlled to rotate 360 ​​degrees. According to different pads and components, the number of soldering times, preheating time and soldering time can be set arbitrarily to complete a complex soldering process with a variety of solder joints on a board and complete the diversification of soldering operations. The desktop soldering machine can pass the external 1/0 interface to complete the real-time control of the peripheral equipment by the soldering robot. The intelligent control system performs functions such as error alarm, high-speed motion and other shockproof functions. The intelligent main control program completes the automation and intelligence of the soldering process.

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