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Working characteristics of CCD vision spot solder paste machine
- 2020-02-17-

CCD vision spot solder paste machine can provide people with greater convenience during the process of stopping work, mainly because it can adjust the corresponding by itself. working condition. For example, after setting the corresponding operation process, it can complete all aspects of work on its own, the positioning service is more accurate, and the orientation is also very accurate. It uses a fine track and a corresponding motor to stop the regulation. It can Reach a better driving effect. In this way, the accuracy of consumption and the quality of the products consumed can be compared with the request.

The fully automatic solder paste printing machine will find the printing effect that it can reach during the process of stopping operation. It is very obvious. It can guarantee the integrity of the blade. When the printing process is stopped, the blade can be rotated upward 45 ° to fix the same. Can be easily disassembled and cleaned later as well. This can be done properly. Able to choose the proper position to stop printing, and when the time is up, it can meet the requirements for printing various product combination printing platens.

When the device is stopped for conditioning, it will become more convenient, which also enables single-sided and double-sided during the process of stopping printing. Both can achieve good results. CCD vision spot solder paste machine can ensure that its printing effect is more average. The printed characters will become clearer at that time. It can be seen when the calibration is stopped. Under normal conditions, normal proofreading can be completed without complicated operations. Automatic soldering machine manufacturers have XYZ 3 directions of debugging when the correction is stopped. It can also be fine-tuned to achieve better printing results.

After setting multiple printing methods such as single item and multiple items, it can pass. The solder paste printing machine's own technical function is used to judge its consumption efficiency, and statistics can be made in time. Satisfying my request for capital when I stop consumption and when I stop relevant debugging can make the machine more able to meet the request for operation. In the process of stopping operation, it can be felt that although the angle of the scraper can be adjusted, its material cannot be changed at will. There are steel scrapers and rubber scrapers. These two requirements are chosen by people when they stop purchasing the machine. If they are not sure at that time and then change them later, they will likely affect the normal operation of the soldering robot.

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