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How to debug online dispensers?
- 2020-02-14-

The automatic dispenser has been developed in the country for more than 10 years. Many electronic products have been transformed from traditional manual manual dispensing to automatic dispenser equipment. This is the trend of the development of industrial intelligent production, because the automatic dispenser Compared with the previous manual dispensing equipment, it not only improves the dispensing speed and efficiency doubles, but also has higher stability when handling glues with different viscosities. It can achieve the same amount of dispensing each time, so it is greatly Reduced dispensing production costs. Therefore, one of the skills that many workers in the dispensing processing plant must possess is to operate the online dispensing machine. If debugging the dispensing machine becomes a thing for them to think about, after all, the effect of different people operating the same dispensing machine They are all very different.

So today the dispenser equipment manufacturers share with you the debugging method of the dispenser. In fact, as long as you have grasped the following 6 points in the debugging method of the dispensing machine, you are more proficient in daily dispensing work than the person who can only hold the handle and simply press it, becoming a true expert in dispensing technology.

1. Pressure setting of dispenser

In the production of daily dispensing processing, you should observe the viscosity of the glue, the environment of the production workshop, and the temperature to set the pressure. If the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the glue will increase and the fluidity will deteriorate. At this time, you need to increase the pressure value, and vice versa . The amount of glue is supplied by the automatic dispenser controller to the hose and needle. The pressure determines the amount of glue and the speed of dispensing. Strong pressure can easily cause the glue to be sprayed and the amount of glue will be too much, which will affect the product. Aesthetic appearance; weak pressure will cause uneven dispensing and leaks, which will affect product quality issues.

2. Dispenser needle

The diameter of the needle inside the automatic dispensing machine should be selected and 1/2 of the diameter of the dispensing point. In the automatic dispensing machine work, you can choose a suitable dispensing needle according to the size of the product, different products need to use a suitable needle. The automatic dispensing machine has a lower dispensing volume of 0.005ml less than the standard volume. The small inner diameter of the stainless steel needle is 0.1mm, and the small inner diameter of the needle is 0.1mm. Special attention: the relative height of the dispensing needle to the pcb circuit board and the inner diameter of the needle are the key main parameters, so you must consider it when selecting the needle.

3. Dispensing height

The dispensing height of the high-precision dispensing machine refers to the distance from the tip of the needle to the product cup surface. Too high dispensing height will lead to pulling the glue. The amount is uneven.

4. Temperature

Generally epoxy resin glue should be stored in a refrigerator at 0 ~ 5 ℃, and it should be taken out half an hour in advance to make the glue temperature consistent with the working environment. The use temperature of the glue should be 23 ℃ ~ 25 ℃; the ambient temperature has a great influence on the viscosity of the glue, the viscosity decreases when the temperature decreases, the flow rate of the glue decreases correspondingly, and the drawing phenomenon is more likely to occur. If the other conditions are the same, the difference in ambient temperature is 5 ° C, which will cause a 50% change in the amount of glue. Therefore, the ambient temperature should be controlled. At the same time, the temperature of the environment should also be guaranteed. If the temperature is too high, the glue point will dry out and affect the adhesion.

5. Machine level

The balance and stability of the machine will be known after the purchase. Generally, when we purchase the dispenser, we will make a lot of comparisons. We will visit them to see their production scale, so the stability of buying a dispenser is very critical. Some The dispensing machine shakes, especially the contact type dispensing machine. A good level is equal to half the debugging, which is the basis for all subsequent debugging. If the level is not good, it will lead to a lot of dispensing problems, such as: a series of problems such as misalignment, more glue, less glue, and overflowing glue.

To cope with glues of different viscosities, choose a reasonable pressure and dispensing speed. In addition, the choice of coating needles is less prone to pulling and crawling. As a qualified dispensing technician, you should learn to observe and think more, first adjust the valve and then set the program, then the dispensing machine you debug will be better!

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