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Use and selection of dispenser equipment
- 2020-01-25-

In the tide of machines replacing labor. Dispensing equipment operable processes include very common, such as: household aluminum alloy doors and windows single-component glass glue bonding, toy hot-melt glue bonding, electronic product thermal silica gel, sealed waterproof silicone glue, three-proof paint spraying, carton packaging White latex, yellow glue, hot-melt adhesive assembly, induction cooker speaker electrical waterproof sealant glue, adult silicone products, two-liquid solid silicone glue glue, LED light bar and bulb lamp pouring and dispensing, igniter thermally sealed AB double liquid ring Oxygen resin potting, ballast electronic silicone potting, high pressure pack, magnetic ring ab two-component dispensing, automobile assembly fuel tank sealing and gluing, screw nut anti-loosening fastening thread glue, non-slip foot pad 502, 201 quick-drying glue Adhesive, single-color two-tone jelly gel injection, silicone phone cell phone cable molding extrusion, ski eye lens seal and fixed glue, metal jewelry crystal glue dispensing, mobile phone case shadowless UV glue coating, paper hot melt spraying Glue, aircraft and aviation hardware accessories bonding, driving recorder PU glue, dice vision dispensing, assembly line product mechanical motion filling, solar PLC board dispensing, battery filling, automobile filter assembly Glue, motor magnetic tile glue, etc. ~.

There are also many manufacturers of glue dispensing equipment, and the prices of equipment are also tidy. How to choose reliable collaboration among many manufacturers has become a problem for most friends. I have compiled a few thoughts for my reference. :

One: First of all, confirm that the company has been established for a few years. If you don't have the strength, you can't do it early.

II: It is recommended not to pursue only low prices. Because the equipment is bought back for long-term use, and more or less follow-up support is required from the merchants in the later period, then the question arises, why not to choose a low price? Let's analyze this If a company with a low price does not do wholesale standard equipment for a long time, what are its advantages? 1. Just after the company came out and started an independent business, it urgently needs customers to build technology experience. Disadvantages: Without team technical support, the equipment cannot be dealt with when it encounters a problem. It is one to sell one.

2. A husband and wife team or a small team of three or four people does not have much labor costs and company operating costs. The materials will use copycat copies to save expenses. Disadvantages: equipment use problems and more after-sales services can not keep up, the team is too small, too busy to deal with delayed consumption in a timely manner, the cost of loss is higher than the price of the equipment.

3: Friends who are not far from the manufacturer can come to understand the detailed discussion on how the process is completed. The experienced manufacturers will give reasonable suggestions based on the product to make the product process less detours. This is why the company chooses a bit of age. Well-informed, they may be valued for a given initiative. Collaborating with their company at least does not have to worry about after-sales. There are technicians, design departments and engineers. There are no problems that cannot be handled.

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