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Automatic soldering machine soldering process and related information
- 2020-01-18-

The automatic soldering machine XYZU operates in three directions, suitable for welding multi-point regular products on a plane, and the welding positions are different.

1.Pre-installed special program for soldering

2.The limit size of the corresponding workpiece is 300mm × 200mm

3.Can accommodate up to 255 robot running programs

4. Ability to store coordinate data of up to 30,000 points

5.Equipped with a dedicated controller for soldering conditions (capable of accommodating up to 63 conditions)

6, pre-installed soldering iron head position correction function application

7, equipped with tin delivery installation

8.Large LCD display teaching panel

9. Welding heads for both drag welding and spot welding

10.Contains simple combination program writing model

Flow of soldering machine

1. Wetting: The wetting process refers to the once condensed solder flowing to the surroundings along the surface of the base metal with fine unevenness and crystals by capillary force, thereby forming an adhesion layer on the surface of the base metal to be welded, so that the solder and the base The atoms of the metal are close to the desktop soldering machine, reaching the interval where the atomic gravity works.

Environmental conditions that cause wetting: The appearance of the base metal to be welded must be clean and free of oxides or contaminants.

2. Diffusion: With the cessation of wetting, the inter-diffusion phenomenon between the solder and the base metal metal atoms begins. Usually the atoms are in a thermal vibration state in the lattice lattice, once the temperature rises. The atomic activity is intensified, so that the condensed solder and the atoms in the base material cross each other into the lattice lattice of each other across the contact surface. The moving speed and number of the atoms are determined by the heating temperature and time.

3. Metallurgical separation: Due to the mutual diffusion of the solder and the base metal, a fully automatic soldering machine forms an intermediate layer between the two metals --- metal compounds. To obtain a good solder joint, it is necessary to weld between the base metal and the solder. Constitute metal compounds, so that the base metal reaches a strong metallurgical separation state.

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