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What are the characteristics of the soldering machine
- 2020-01-03-

What are the characteristics of the three-axis automatic soldering machine? It consists of three parts: X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis. It is mainly used for product soldering operations. It is suitable for post-soldering processes that cannot pass through reflow furnaces or heat-sensitive parts. It is mainly used to replace simple and repetitive manual soldering equipment. It is an automatic equipment that can replace the manual soldering process. It has the advantages of simple and convenient operation, high speed and accuracy, high convenience and practicality, and saves corporate costs.

Three-axis automatic soldering machines are also widely used in areas such as: electronic components such as printed motherboards, small switches, capacitors, variable resistors, crystal oscillators, LCDs, magnetic heads, relays, connectors, transformers, PCB boards, LCD, LED, DVD, digital cameras, switches, connectors, relays, heat sinks, semiconductors and other electronic industries, or products connected to SMT equipment.

The characteristics of the three-axis automatic soldering machine are as follows:

1.Simple and convenient operation: using a simple and easy to learn handheld teaching box, touch screen display operation, full Chinese interface, various parameter recording, display, and abnormal alarm;

2.Precise solder control: All key firmware and moving parts are imported products with a stable control system and easy debugging, which can avoid uneven soldering, false soldering, and false soldering;

3.High versatility and fast speed, widely used in various fluids, various industries, and various graphics (points, straight lines, curves, arbitrary points and combinations of lines);

4.Fast program adjustment: After directly replacing the ferrochrome head and tin wire, there is no need to re-correct the motion trajectory;

5.Convenient program editing: the machine uses a teaching programmer, which is simple and convenient to operate; it can also be equipped with a computer to read AutoCAD files, and then download to the machine through a U disk or serial cable;

6.The three-axis manipulator can adjust the corresponding stroke and height according to the requirements of the production line;

7, using desktop design, small footprint, mobile and portable, suitable for small operations or large enterprises.

What are the characteristics of the three-axis automatic soldering machine? I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the use of automatic soldering machines. Automatic soldering machines are a type of automated machinery and equipment commonly used in soldering in the modern manufacturing industry. The efficiency is still relatively high. It can save the labor cost of the enterprise.