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How to choose the wire of the automatic soldering machine?
- 2020-01-03-

How to choose the wire of the automatic soldering machine? In order to improve the efficiency of our solder, it is a good way to buy automatic equipment. The quality of our wire during welding is also an important factor affecting our production. We want to improve the rapid production and quality of solder products. Guarantee, we must choose a good solder wire, how do we choose it? Shenzhen Hongyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaobian will help you.

General tin wire is composed of tin alloy and flux. The solder wire cooperates with an electric soldering iron during work. A high-quality electric soldering iron provides stable and continuous melting heat. The solder wire is added to the surface of the original electronic device as a filler metal. In the gap, the fixed electronic component becomes the main component of soldering. The composition of the solder wire is inseparable from the quality of the solder wire, which will affect the chemical and mechanical properties and physical properties of the solder wire.

Different types of solder wire have different auxiliary agents. The auxiliary part is to improve the auxiliary heat conduction of the solder wire during the welding process, remove oxidation, reduce the surface tension of the material being welded, remove oil stains on the surface of the material being welded, and increase the welding area. The characteristic of the solder wire is a tin alloy wire with a certain length and diameter, which can be used in conjunction with an electric soldering iron in the welding of electronic original devices.

According to different situations, there are several classification methods for soldering wires of automatic soldering machines. They are classified according to metal alloy materials, according to the chemical composition of additives, classified according to the melting temperature of solder wires, and classified according to the diameter of solder wires:

Classified by metal alloy materials: tin-lead alloy solder wire, pure tin solder wire, tin-copper alloy solder wire, tin-silver-copper alloy solder wire, tin-bismuth alloy solder wire, tin-nickel alloy solder wire and special tin-containing alloys Solder wire

Classified according to the chemical composition of the solder wire additives: can be divided into rosin-cored solder wire, no-clean solder wire, solid-core solder wire, weighted solder wire, single-core solder wire, three-core solder wire, water-soluble solder wire , Aluminum solder wire, stainless steel solder wire

Classified by melting temperature: can be divided into low temperature solder wire, normal temperature solder wire, high temperature solder wire.

How to choose the solder wire of the automatic soldering machine? Xiaobian introduced many types of solder wire, but we have to decide what solder wire we need based on product characteristics, solder size and acid and alkali, but we buy a better automatic solder Machine, to choose the Shenzhen Hongyuan automatic soldering machine manufacturer, suitable for a variety of tin wire with a wide range of uses, if necessary, please contact the official website to contact Xiaobian, to introduce you the right product!