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Which industries are suitable for multi-axis automatic lock screw machine
- 2020-01-03-

Which industries are suitable for multi-axis automatic lock screw machine

At present, with the continuous increase of labor costs, most companies have started to use automatic screw-locking machines instead of technology to lock screws. This is a trend. As the wages of workers have risen all over the world, the economic pressure on SMEs is very high. The emergence of fully automatic locking screw machine has greatly improved the production efficiency, saved labor, and solved this problem. However, the automatic locking screw machine is customized according to the customer's screws and products. Each product's screws are basically different. If it is impossible to plan a unified standard machine, it will cause troubles for automatic locking screw machine manufacturers.

Multi-axis automatic locking screw machine has a wide range of applications. Basically, it can be used in the place of the locking screw. Like small appliances, hardware, toys, LED industry, lamps, auto parts, electric car parts and so on.

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