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Dispenser knowledge introduction
- 2020-01-03-

Knowledge of dispensing machine :

1. Definition of Dispensing Machine:

1. Dispensing machines: Dispensing machines, also known as glue applicators, glue dispensers, glue dispensers, etc., are automated machines that specifically control fluids and apply, drip, coat, and seal liquids on the surface or inside the product . Dispensing machine is mainly used for the precise dispensing and pouring of glue, oil, lacquer and other liquids in the product process. Injection, coating and dripping to the precise position of each product can be used to achieve dots, lines, round or arc. .

2. Applicable liquids for dispensing machines: various solvents, adhesives, oils, paints, chemical materials, solid glues, including silicone, EMI conductive glue, UV glue, AB glue, quick-drying glue, epoxy glue, Sealant, hot glue, grease, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, heat sink paste, solder paste, transparent paint, screw fixative, wood glue, anaerobic glue, acrylic glue, anti-wear glue, crystal glue, pouring Glue, horn glue, instant glue, rubber, paint, enamel paint, lacquer, ink, pigment, etc.

3. Application area of ​​dispenser: The dispenser is suitable for all fields of industrial production: mobile phone keys, printing, switches, connectors, computers, digital products, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, electronic toys, speakers, buzzers, Electronic components, integrated circuits, circuit boards, LCD liquid crystal screens, relays, speakers, crystal oscillator components, LED lights, case bonding, optical lenses, mechanical component seals.

Second, the current market dispenser brand:

United States: EFD, Feissneng, Asymtek, CAMALOT, etc .; Germany: scheugenpflug, etc .; Asia: Musashi MUSASHI, Sejong, South Korea Alpa, IEI, LILE, etc .; China: Hongyuan Dispenser, Moon Silent, Ozon / Shichun, Huahaida, Tengsheng, etc .; At present, the single-liquid dispenser has been very mature. The world brands are mainly EFD and I & J, MUSASHI, Musashi, etc., but the products sold by these brands entering the country are very mature. Generally, it is universal, but can not be customized according to the actual requirements of customers, as well as customized, the cost will be quite high, and services can not be reached in time. At present, there are many two-component dispensing machines in foreign countries, and the technology is relatively mature, but the style and overall structure have not been improved according to domestic usage habits. It appears to be relatively large. The domestic two-liquid dispensing technology has matured. At present Professional two-liquid equipment already exists, and the quality is stable, which is very suitable for domestic users. Hongyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has this two-liquid mixing and quantitative equipment, which sells well abroad.

Classification of Dispensing Machine:

One type: single-liquid dispenser (also known as single-component dispenser, dispenser):

1. Controller-type dispensers: including automatic dispensers, quantitative dispensers, semi-automatic dispensers, digital dispensers, precision dispensers, etc.

2.Desktop dispensers: including desktop dispensers, desktop three-axis dispensers, desktop four-axis dispensers, or desktop automatic dispensers, 3-axis line dispensers, multi-head dispensers, multi-output Dispenser, circle dispensing machine, circle dispensing machine, speaker dispensing machine, mobile phone button dispensing machine, cabinet dispensing machine, etc. & gt; Inlet Pump

3. Pressure barrel type dispensing machine: pressure barrel + dispensing valve + controller, large dispensing volume dispensing machine.

The second type: double liquid dispensing machine (also known as two-component dispensing machine, AB glue dispensing machine, AB glue pouring machine, double liquid pouring machine):

1. Desktop dual-liquid dispensing machine; 2. Floor-mounted dual-liquid dispensing machine; 3. PU glue dual-liquid infusion machine; 4. Circle automatic dispensing machine; 5. Multi-head dual-liquid dispensing machine.