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Comparison of lock screw machine
- 2020-01-03-

Comparison of the structure of blower type and suction type automatic screw machine

The key difference between the two depends on the method of sending screws

I. Comparison of basic principles of nail delivery

1. Air blow inspection work method: air blow inspection structural analysis, the nail delivery technology is better, it can automatically send the screws directly under the lock mouth of the lock payment organization, eliminating the time to take the screw back and forth, Simplify the manufacturing process and save a lot of time. The plc is used to control the machine and equipment, and the coverage rate is high. Generally, the coordinate type, portable, and multi-axis type are the first choice to use the blow inspection type nail feeder.

2. Adsorption-type work method: The adsorption-type uses a fully automatic screw arrangement machine to sort and comb the screws. The machine equipment must take the screws on the screw arrangement machine, and then implement the locking posture. The removal of the screws must consume comprehensive manpower, which is generally less than high efficiency. Air blowing check nail feeding method. At the present stage, it is suitable for coordinated planning schemes and traditional manual screwing and screwing machines .

Comparison of available standards

1. Available standard of blow inspection type: it is not affected by the screw material and the shape of the screw head, but the total length of the screw must be considered to be more than 1.3 times the diameter of the screw head (different manufacturers will apply different rules for the application of machinery and equipment). The air-blowing inspection type can be customized according to the screw specifications. M1-M6 can be used, up to 60 mm in length.

2. Adsorption standard: It is not affected by factors such as screw material, screw head shape, and screw specifications, and can be used in a wide variety of screws, especially flat screws that cannot be fully fed by blow inspection. Its application scope is generally the basic screw in the middle of M1-M3. Too long screws do not ensure smoothness.

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