What are the requirements for the desktop lock screw machine?
- 2020-03-06-

What is the request of the desktop lock screw machine for screws? We know that desktop lock screw machine applications have been commonly used, not only with high efficiency, but also with low cost. So what are the requirements for screws when using desktop lock screw machines, including screw specifications, length and so on. Let's analyze it for everyone:

One: The request for screws of desktop lock screw machine has the following:

1. Screw length and specifications.

The total length of the screw must be more than 1.2mm longer than the screw cap, and the depth of the screw hole must not exceed 40mm. When working, be sure to check whether there are obstacles within 10mm around the screw hole position, because the obstacles will definitely affect the operation during consumption. In addition, the appearance of the screw hole position must be a plane with a bevel of less than 30 degrees.

2. Can you bring a gasket?

If the screw has a washer, and the washer is larger than the screw cap, then the diameter of the washer shall prevail, so that it will not be reversed in the feeding tube. If the screw does not reach the total length of the screw more than 1.2MM of the screw cap warp, then the supply method must adopt adsorption or other methods.

3. The screw thread.

The screw thread is not the same. There is a triangular tooth self-tapping locking screw, which has a different pitch and angle from the metric thread, but the cross section is a triangle. There are 2 D and C values ​​to control the locking parameters. Able to reach the locking function.

Second: the function of automatic lock screw machine:

1. Automatically arrange and supply screws, automatically select special-shaped screws, and automatically supply empty materials;

2. The screws are not taken by hand, and the screws are automatically fed, which frees the left hand and can pick and place the product;

3. Efficiency up to 60 capsules per minute, as fast as you can lock;

4, strong versatility, handheld screwdriver, sensitive operation, suitable for fixed-point operations;

5. The electric batch is light and lightweight, and the torque adjustment is accurate and convenient, ensuring the locking quality;

6, small size, guaranteed delivery interval of up to 4 meters, the machine can be placed on and off the workbench, saving space;

7. One-handed locking operation, the screw can be easily completed by pressing down the piezoelectric batch;

8. The screw supply can be fastened and locked in any direction;

9, safe and quiet;

10. LCD display screen, counting and alarm functions

The desktop lock screw machine has any requirements for the screws. I have shared them here. The above are some simple requests. Since the automatic lock screw machine is a non-standard device, our company can design it according to the detailed products of customers. The customer only needs to provide the product and the used screws, and we will design it for you according to your detailed conditions, and the test will be delivered before passing the test. Both can guarantee the quality and efficiency.

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