Dispenser operation method
- 2020-02-20-

Dispensing machine products are resistant to high temperature and wear, tedious and easy to operate, economical and convenient. Let's understand the correct operation method of the dispenser.

Dispenser operation in Chinese, easy to learn and understand, ordinary consumer line workers can learn to program and operate the human-machine interface within 1 hour, intuitive and convenient operation. It has the function of three-dimensional space. It can not only take the random diagrams on the plane, but also the three-dimensional diagram of space. It has a USB interface and can transfer programs between the machines. The automatic dispenser has a vacuum suction function to ensure that the glue is not leaked or drawn during work. Can be equipped with dispensing valves and pressure barrels of various specifications.

Dispenser operation method:

1. Operation by hand: Turn the switch of the automatic dispenser to the manual position. Adjust the air pressure and select a suitable needle nozzle. Press the foot switch and the liquid will drip out of the needle tip hole, release the foot switch to stop the liquid from dripping.

2. Automatic operation: Set the switch of the automatic dispenser to the auto auto position. Adjust the air pressure and the amount of glue, and select the appropriate needle to control the correct flow of the liquid. Each time you press the foot switch, the liquid will automatically drip out of the needle tip according to the set amount of glue.

Liquid material for automatic dispensing machine:

Adhesive, damping oil, adding epoxy glue, oxygen-free glue, chemical reagents, flux, brazing flux, silicone, adhesive, conductive silicone grease, solidifying masking agent and so on.

Suitable for various fields of industrial production: mobile phone keys, switches, connectors, computers, digital products, electronic toys, speakers, buzzers, electronic components, circuit boards, LCD panels, relays, speakers, crystal components, LED lights , Case bonding, optical lens, mechanical parts sealing.

Applicable industry scope

Rubber label, zipper head, key fob, bookmark, key holder, U disk case, MP3 case, mobile phone lanyard, mobile phone charm,

Mobile phone holder, mobile phone wipe, wrist band, silicone bracelet, silicone necklace, PVC car mat, refrigerator sticker, mouse pad,

Coasters, glasses silicone covers, etc., suitable for clothing, shoes and hats, services, electronics, toys, gifts, home, etc ...

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