Dispensing Reasons for Dispenser
- 2020-02-10-

Applicable industry range of dispenser

Rubber label, zipper, key fob, bookmark, key holder, U disk case, MP3 case, mobile phone lanyard, mobile phone pendant, mobile phone holder, mobile phone wipe, wrist band, silicone bracelet, silicone necklace, PVC car non-slip mat, Refrigerator stickers, mouse pads, coasters, glasses silicone covers, etc., suitable for clothing, shoes and hats, services, electronics, toys, gifts, home, etc ...

Dispenser glue problem

This situation is mainly due to excessive moisture or repeated use of instant glue. Make sure to use fresh instant glue. Rinse the tubing thoroughly with moisture-free Aceton acetone. The air used should be dry and a filter should be installed between the factory air pressure and the valve system. (If the above method is still not effective, you should use nitrogen).

Here are some reasons why the glue is broken when the dispenser is dispensing:

One: Check if there is any problem with the glue (such as bubbles in the glue, particle deposits, etc.). In this case, the dispenser will have a problem of dispensing and breaking;

Second: Whether the dispensing controller is working properly, because of its abnormal operation or lack of its own performance, the problem of dispensing breaks will also occur.

UV glue is ultraviolet curing glue. Be sure to use black tubing. Do not directly add UV glue to the old UV glue of the pressure cylinder. Put out the original UV glue first, and then pour the UV glue into the empty pressure cylinder. The UV glue in the pressure cylinder often generates bubbles after a period of time, causing the glue to be unstable.

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