Working environment requirements of in-line lock screw machine
- 2020-01-06-

The power supply system voltage of the on-line lock screw machine is 220V, including portable on-line lock screw machine, on-line lock screw machine, and desktop-type on-line lock screw machine. During its work, hand-pressed electromechanical control lock screws are allowed to be 220V internal components. The switching power supply voltage is changed to 36V. The voltage of the internal components of the on-line screw screw machine is 220V. The switching power supply voltage is converted to 24V. Generally, the voltage of the original factory is 220V.

It is necessary to maintain natural ventilation in the natural environment of the on-line screw machine

The on-line lock screw machine maintenance group's on-time review and high-precision viewing plan are scheduled, and a conventional online lock screw machine inspection time is presented. In order that this work does not harm the plan to check the production and production, the online lock screw processing factory allocates a non-working day, while the basic view of the class, the production and production staff assigned lunch time. The on-line lock screw machine can work normally. It is related to many factors. Is the voltage of the switching power supply sufficient in all normal work of the equipment parts? Is the actual operation and active control system used properly? One part must be in a moderate natural environment. Each part of the on-line screw screw machine spare parts is made up of many electronic components, machines and active skill components. It is assumed that you want to operate the machine and equipment smoothly for a long time. There must be a prerequisite: the on-line lock screw machine guarantees the normal work of each of its components, the temperature of this component and the natural environment, the ambient humidity and some regulations, so people must adjust the temperature and ambient humidity in the production workshop To consider using specifications.

Naturally ventilated and dry

Plug the power to the on-line lock screw machine on time, check the characteristics

Special attention is due to its structure, all difficulties or the need for maintenance, please contact us, do not disassemble independently.

The on-line lock screw machine is very simple, and the equipment is not very different, but in general, there are many similar manufacturers from different manufacturers.

1. Under the condition that the driving force of the on-line lock screw machine is naturally ventilated, turn on the main power switch and vent the valve.

2. Write and operate according to different online lock screw machine programs, and view all components

3. Start the trial operation of the on-line screw-locking machine and check the damage of the quality of the finished product. When everything becomes stable, it is conducive to use when burning.