How to choose a dispenser
- 2020-01-06-

When we choose a dispensing machine, we must according to our own choices and needs, in order to find the right one. So, what methods and techniques should be paid attention to when choosing a dispenser?

First, to understand the basic characteristics of the glue used

1. If it is two components, what is the volume ratio of AB glue?

2.The viscosity and density of glue?

3. How long does the glue begin to cure? Time to complete cure?

4.How to pack glue?

5. Requirements to be achieved by automatic dispensing technology:

6.What are the requirements for dispensing accuracy? How much glue does each product use?

7. Is the glue used for potting, bonding, insulation, moisture resistance, dripping?

Second, how to achieve the dispensing operation of the dispenser? Shenzhen Hongyuan Technology Co., Ltd. takes everyone to find out.

1. Glue: component dispenser for ordinary glue, two liquid dispensers for AB glue, PU dispenser for PU glue, and special syringe for UV glue.

2. Dispensing process: semi-automatic dispensing machine (such as pedal control), desktop, three axis, circle chart and other automatic dispensing machines are used for precise positioning of ordinary dispensing. The automatic function of the automatic dispenser is actually an auxiliary function. The dispenser has more functions and can control the glue. Other functions can be realized by automatic robots.

3. Cost: There are multiple distribution solutions. Not all dispensing requires a machine. In terms of cost, if a certain glue needs to use an excessively expensive machine, you can consider replacing the glue. If the price of the automatic dispenser is too high, consider moving the product instead of the dispensing head.

4. Work efficiency and environment: There are few products, do not pursue efficiency, please use a manual glue gun; outdoor work, please use a dispensing needle. Need precise control of the game and use of the machine. Use a dispenser.