Common failures of desktop dispensers
- 2020-01-06-

The malfunction of the valve of the desktop dispenser has affected production. What to do? If you don't understand the operation, you have to ask a professional to repair it. However, it is not clear which factors often cause the valve of the desktop dispenser to malfunction?

1. Desktop valve dispenser drip valve

This usually happens after the valve is closed. The 95% UV dispenser is used due to the smaller diameter of the needle used. Too small a needle can affect the flow of liquid and cause back pressure, which can cause dripping shortly after closing the valve. Using too small a needle will also affect the valve's bubble removal. You can solve this problem by replacing the larger needle. The tapered oblique needle produces low back pressure and smooth fluid flow. When the rubber valve is closed, air in the liquid can leak. Exclude air from the liquid in advance, or use rubber that is not prone to air bubbles, or degas the rubber by centrifugation before use.

2.Inconsistent sizes

When the glue from the UV dispenser is inconsistent, this is mainly caused by the unstable air pressure of the pressure cylinder or storage fluid. The inlet pressure regulator should be set 10 to 15 psi below the factory low pressure. The pressure used by the pressure cylinder should be higher than the middle of the pressure gauge, and the use of pressure should be avoided. Low voltage part. The control pressure of the rubber valve should be at least 60psi or higher to ensure stable glue output. Then, check the sizing time. If it is less than 15/1000 seconds, the glue will be unstable. The longer the dispensing time, the more stable the glue.

3.The flow rate is too slow

If the flow rate is too slow, change the pipe from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch. If pipes are not needed, they should be as short as possible.

4, the use of needles

Generally, needles smaller than 20 may cause air to drip or flow vertically. Use larger ordinary metal or tapered oblique needles whenever possible. Avoid using twisted or Teflon needles.

5.Fast sol (quick-drying glue) is blocked on valve joints and pipelines

This situation is mainly caused by too much water or repeated use of instant sol. Make sure to use fresh instant sol. Thoroughly clean the pipes with anhydrous acetone. The use of air should ensure that the filter is completely dry and that the filter is installed between the factory air pressure and the valve system. (If the above method still does not work, you should use nitrogen.)