What are the reasons for the inaccurate positioning of the online dispenser?
- 2020-01-06-

We must know that the on-line dispenser is a device that can control the fluid to fix the chip components. The use of various aspects of the industry has greatly improved the industrial production efficiency. Even so, there are cases where the positioning of the on-line dispenser is inaccurate in each axis direction. So what are the reasons for this problem? The glue machine manufacturer Shenzhen Hongyuan Technology Co., Ltd. will talk to you from the following aspects .

Causes of inaccurate positioning of the online dispenser in each axis direction:

1) Mechanical manufacturing processing problems

The solution given by Shenzhen Hongyuan Technology Co., Ltd .: Please confirm that the online dispenser has achieved high accuracy during the manufacturing and installation process. (The CNC machining center imported from Germany has been used to improve the accuracy of the Z or XY axis)

2) The motor is out of step due to heavy load or incorrect parameter settings

Solution: reduce the speed and acceleration before processing, the incorrect positioning disappears or greatly reduces, it can be determined that the motor is not synchronized. (At the same time, you can increase the power of the Z-axis or XY-axis motor)

Motor out of step may be:

Answer: Shenzhen Hongyuan Technology Co., Ltd. believes that the load is too heavy.

A. When the weight of the Y-axis platform or Z-axis head is too large, the inertial force to be overcome during acceleration and deceleration will increase accordingly. If the offset of the shaft is particularly noticeable, reducing the acceleration of the shaft can alleviate this phenomenon.

B. Explain that the speed of the motor is too large. When the speed of the stepper motor exceeds the rated speed, the output torque will decrease rapidly, which will not drive the platform and cause step loss.

C. The power of the power supply is too small to drive all motor drives at the same time. (Increase power)

3) Operation problems of online dispenser staff

Solution: After stopping, there is no reset.