Dispenser System Solution
- 2020-01-04-

The continuous development of dispensing motion control technology and the low cost and high quality requirements for product processing have made most Chinese companies no longer blindly import imported equipment when choosing a dispenser system, and have switched to a domestic dispenser system. select. Today, with a wide range of domestic dispenser systems, it is difficult for customers to choose a cost-effective dispenser system in the face of various dispenser systems on the market.

Throughout the current market of the entire dispenser system, three major types of dispenser system solutions are popular.

The first category is composed of a motion control card and a PC. It is a solution that was widely used in the early period of China. However, the hardware cost of the PC + motion control card itself is relatively high, and the PC is prone to failure, hinder production, and cause the production cost of the enterprise to rise. . At present, this glue solution is being used by enterprises with fewer and fewer applications, and it is close to being eliminated.

The second type is the LCD-embedded motion controller solution, which is the current application solution. In general, it is moving towards integration, away from PC, and towards professional control. Experts have already discussed it in the industry paper "Application of Touch Screen Controllers in the Dispensing Industry".

The third type is a high-performance offline motion control card + human-machine interface handheld box. It is a new solution with great cost-effective advantages for the motion control system. This type of dispenser system solution is a breakthrough in the dispensing industry. The combination of high performance and low cost will surely set off a reform storm in the dispensing system market and bring the gospel to companies seeking high cost performance. The typical representative of this type of dispensing system solution is Zhongweixing TV5500DJ three-axis dispensing control system with high-performance offline motion control card + human-machine interface, achieving a cost-effective golden combination in the dispensing system.