Advantages of inline dispensers
- 2020-01-04-

In this tide of rapid technological development, online dispensers are becoming more and more popular with factory production lines. Many factories have even replaced the original workflow in an active and intelligent way. Why? What are the advantages of an online dispensing machine instead of manual dispensing?

Dispensing machine is easy to operate and has few switches, a control screen display operation, a full Chinese interface, various parameter records, alarms, and one-off operation. The key components that can stabilize the amount of glue used are high-performance products of the brand, which are not affected by factors such as ambient air pressure and temperature, and can prevent problems such as instability, drawing, and breaking of glue.

The on-line dispensing machine has low dispensing movement error value, which is critical to the performance of the accessory and the good planning of the movable equipment. The entire error value is controlled within 0.01mm. Program modification and adjustment is fast and can be used like a mobile phone. Quickly adjust and modify through the screen prompts and set it into operation immediately.

The on-line dispensing machine is widely used, fast, and stable in dispensing. It can be applied to all kinds of dispensing on dots, lines, faces, side-to-side borders, and inner circumferences with high speed and small errors. It can realize multi-platform operation and dual Y-axis planning for dispensing, and one platform for dual-platform operation, which greatly improves work efficiency.

I believe that through the above answers, we have a more comprehensive understanding of the dispensing process, especially in the context of the smart manufacturing industry 4.0 era currently centered on high-end equipment manufacturing, with the "Made in China 2025" strategy Deepening, there is a growing trend in smart industrial malls, during which online dispensing opportunities have gradually replaced manual dispensing.

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