What are the characteristics of the dispenser
- 2020-01-04-

At present, the continuous development of dispensing movement control skills in China and the low cost and high quality requirements for product processing have made many manufacturing companies no longer blindly introduce imported brands when choosing dispensing equipment, and instead use domestic brands. Choose from dispenser equipment. At present, there are many excellent manufacturers engaged in the development and production of dispensers in China, and Hongyuan Automation is the representative of them.

Taking circuit boards as an example, the dispensing process is an indispensable part of the product processing process. Hongyuan Automation responds to market demand. Through years of rich experience in dispensing-related applications, it has continued to introduce many types of circuit board dispensing machines, greatly improving the speed of electronic circuit processing, and reducing production for circuit board manufacturers. The cost of the link is recognized by many partners, among which there are many large companies such as Foxconn, Huawei, and Group Optoelectronics.

Hongyuan Automatic Circuit Board Dispenser has a series of enhanced and convenient features, including:

1. Windows Chinese operation interface, easy to learn and understand;

2. With functions such as point, line, surface, arc, circle, irregular curve continuous tweening, and three-axis linkage, it can adapt to any irregular objects.

3. The hard disk has a large storage memory capacity, unlimited programs can be stored without reprogramming, and the software has functions such as area array and translation rotation operation;

4. Optional CCD visual programming system is available to complete fast programming;

5.The amount of glue is thick and thin, the speed of glue application, the time of dispensing, and the time of stopping the glue can be set by parameters.

6.The three functions of dispensing, pouring and trajectory sealing are integrated and fully active.

7, according to the needs of the ratio, complete the mixing while filling the glue, saving glue to the greatest extent;

8. Double-barrel plan, A glue and B glue are stored separately to ensure that the glue does not solidify for a long time;

9, the unique control system, not affected by air pressure elements, to avoid uneven glue, drawing, bubbles and other phenomena;

10. The mixing ratio is adjustable from 100: 100 to 100: 10. Dynamic or static mixing is adopted, and the mixing is uniform and sufficient;

11. The Z-axis height adjustment device can adapt to the work of workpieces of different heights;

12. The storage tank is equipped with a liquid level sensor switch, and an active alarm is provided for lack of material;

13. Glue mixing, heating, and vacuum defoaming function are optional. It is suitable for different types of infusion process.

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