Non-standard custom automatic screwing robot

Non-standard custom automatic screwing robot

Product Details

Adsorption-type work method: The adsorption-type uses a fully automatic screw arrangement machine to sort the combing screws. The machine must take the screws on the screw arrangement machine and then implement the locking posture. The removal of the screws must consume comprehensive man-hours, which is generally less efficient than blowing air. Inspection type nail feeding method. At this stage, it is suitable for coordinated planning schemes and traditional CCD vision automatic locking screw machines .

Available standard for blow inspection type: it is not affected by the screw material and the shape of the screw head, but the total length of the screw must be considered to be more than 1.3 times the diameter of the screw head (different manufacturers will apply different rules for the application of machinery and equipment). The air-blowing inspection type can be customized according to the screw specifications. M1-M6 can be used, up to 60 mm in length.

Available standard for suction: It is not affected by factors such as screw material, screw head shape, and screw specifications, and can be used in a wide variety of screws, especially flat screws that cannot be fully fed by blow inspection. Its application scope is generally the basic screw in the middle of M1-M3. Too long screws do not ensure smoothness.