Ab Dispenser

Ab Dispenser

Product Details

Product advantages of ab dispensers

1. Support computer graphics import function, can import PLT files and G code files.

2. Rich motion instruction and auxiliary instruction set.

3. Convenient and friendly file teaching and editing functions, and provides a variety of editing functions such as batch modification, array copy, graphic translation, graphic scaling, automatic rounded corners, etc., with common graphics libraries for customers to call;

4. Graphic display function, which can display the graphic shape in the processing file very intuitively;

5.Real-time dynamic display of processing trajectory;

6. Convenient and quick help system, press SHIFT + F1 key in any interface to call the help file;

7.Processing methods support cycle processing, single processing, automatic processing, single-step processing, etc .;

Application range of ab dispenser:

Sensors, relays, power adapters, electronic toys, Weng sounders, electronic components, household appliances, electric vehicle controllers, computer digital products, crafts, mobile phone boards, coil products, key products, battery boxes, speakers Circle dispensing; speaker packaging and dispensing, optical semiconductors, mobile phone batteries, laptop battery packaging, PCB board bonding sealant, COB, IC, PDA, LCD sealant, IC packaging, IC bonding, case bonding, Optical device processing, metal parts packaging and gluing, quantitative liquid filling, chip bonding, automotive mechanical parts coating, mechanical sealing, etc.