Multi-axis lock screw machine

Multi-axis lock screw machine

Product Details

Multi-axis simultaneous payment on one machine, accurate fixture positioning, super high efficiency, labor saving, wide application range, suitable for mass production

This mechanism uses two layers of drag mechanism, one action structure on the top layer: When the screw is blown to the mouth of the batch, the top cylinder action pushes the electric batch upward, resisting the screw in time of the batch mouth, and the two bottom structure of the batch: Elastic yellow soft structure, using a cylinder to push the bottom mounting plate forward and move upwards. The upper end design has an adjustable accurate positioning column to reach the accurate positioning position. The batch mounting plate moves up again, pushing the top mounting plate and the electric batch to rotate. Shoot the screw and lock it to the product.

The screw is delivered to the mouth of the batch in an instant, and the electric batch is raised against the screw to prevent the force from falling. The design of the batch nozzle, according to the increase of the compression ratio of the elastic yellow, increased from the original 65% to 80%, to maintain the reliability of the clamping finger clamping force. At cylinder speeds, the screws do not fall easily.