Silicone Dispenser

Silicone Dispenser

Product Details

Dispenser Product Features:

1. Humanized planning, Chinese hand-held teaching box operation, convenient programming, easy to learn;

2. It has the functions of drawing points, lines, surfaces, arcs, and various irregular curves continuously and uninterrupted to achieve any 3D non-planar orbit path;

3. Supports array, graphical browsing, 3D, ellipse, commonly used graphics insertion, group modification and other functions;

4. Super large capacity 2G high-speed MiniSD file memory, which can store 9999 dispensing process files;

5. The amount of glue can be set and modified by parameter setting, glue application speed, dispensing time, and stopping time.

6. The use of dual-rail mechanical arms and Z-axis brake motors greatly increases the stability and accuracy of the equipment;

7. Equipped with Dinghua professional-grade dispenser software control system, the glue output is stable, the glue is clean, and the glue is not leaked;

8. Strong PC compatibility, can import format files such as NC, AI, DXF, BMP.

Advantages of active dispensers:

1. Die-cast aluminum profile structure, beautiful appearance and strong consistency;

2. CNC machining to ensure the precision and consistency of parts;

3.Aluminum alloy surface, machine cleaning becomes unusually easy;

4. High-quality core components are stable and durable;

5. When running at high speed, it is smooth and stable with low noise;

6. European imported brand button switch combination, high sensitivity;

7. Special materials deal with loosening of timing belts;

8. Modular assembly process, damaged parts can be replaced quickly;

9. Imported cables are completely free of disconnection and lack of danger;

10. The bottom plate is thick and insulated, and the large disc feet are firmly supported.